Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Young Dolph Shooting Suspect Released Without Charges

A suspect arrested in Young Dolph’s shooting,who happens to be an affiliate of Yo Gotti, Cory McClendon, has been released. Young Dolph is currently laid up in a hospital bed after an argument turned violent, leaving him with multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.

USA Today reports that McClendon was released early Friday morning after being booked Wednesday afternoon on suspicsion of attempted murder. A spokesman for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, Greg Risling, stated that the prosecutors asked for “further investigation,” leading to Cory McClendon’s release.

“Under California law, if you are arrested and booked and no charges are filed within 48 hours, you have to be released,” Risling said, leaving it up to the police to gather more evidence before they’re able to return to the district attorney and determine if they will press charges. Thus, for the time being, McClendon is free to go without any charges attached to his name.It should be noted, in terms of McClendon’s familiarity with Yo Gotti — both men were among those charged in November 2010, when a shooting occurred outside a Memphis night club, leaving six people with wounds. This particular shooting did not involve Dolph though, rather, it stemmed from beef with OG Boo Dirty. All charges against both men were eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence.



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