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‘We’ve Never Said We Wanted To Leave Afrotainment’- Mampintsha Says


Mampintsha in a recent interview on Gagasi FM states has cleared the air on Big Nuz which consisted of himself, Danger & DJ Tira going their separate ways, stating that Big Nuz had no plans on leaving Afrotainment at all.

Since Big Nuz was on Afrotainment from day one, we’ve never said we wanted to leave, even when I opened my own company (West Ink) I opened it because I wanted my own thing, because I had worked hard and had grown a lot it terms of experience. Secondly, I wanted to own my own thing, and to know that it’s mine, I didn’t want to look at Afrotainment as though it was mine. Said Mampintsha.

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The West Ink founder went on to explain that things became tense when he started to develop his own company – West Ink and that things became even more tense when Babes Wodumo’s single Wololo started to become a hit.

So, to be honest, the whole thing between Big Nuz leaving Afrotainment was because of my company, from the day I started having a company, things started not going well. Friendships started to become shaky. Even when I got Babes, I became someone who people gossiped about, even to this day I’m being gossiped about. So that’s the true story, no one said they wanted to leave, I never wanted to leave, I’ve never spoken about Tira or Afrotainment I just went to develop my own company. You’ll see that there was a time Big Nuz didn’t record for an entire year, so at that time I was busy developing my own artist (Babes Wodumo)

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Mampintsha emphasized that ever since he started developing West Ink, DJ Tira stopped focusing on Big Nuz and shifted to focusing or rather imitating what Mampintsha was doing which was working with dancers.

“When Wololo became hot, he stopped focusing on other things, that’s when he stopped focusing on Big Nuz even more. Then he looked at what I was doing, then he started looking for dancers, he started looked for someone like Babes, like they started to try developing someone like Babes. So this thing of a new management I don’t know about it.” Said Mampintsha

Mampintsha also emphasized that he has no problem with Afrotainment or DJ Tira, if Big Nuz wants to continue with Afrotainment he is happy with doing that as well, he has no problems with Afrotainment at all.



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