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VIDEO: Remy Ma Announces Chris Brown Collaboration

remy ma

Remy Ma who is fresh off the release of her latest single with Lil Kim “Wake Me Up” has announced that Chris Brown will be on her next single.

The rapper recently paid a visit to TRL to discuss her upcoming album, 7 Winters & 6 Summers, in depth. The theme behind the projects name is derived from her time in prison when she was first told she would be locked up for eight years.

“I just couldn’t fathom counting in years so I would look out my window […]” she explains in the video. “The only thing I could see was tress and If it was green I knew it was summer….If I looked out the window and it was branches and it wasn’t no leaves, I knew it was winter. When it was all said and done I ended up doing seven winters and six summers. Everything that became me, that I learned and grew into is what you gone get on this album.”

“The next single is with Chris Brown,” she says. “‘Melanin Magic,’ aka ‘Pretty Brown.’ It’s amazing.”

Remy Ma also revealed that a track has been sent to Cardi B and is currently in the works. “I’m hoping that everything goes accordingly,” she explains. “I sent her over the records and we talked about it. She pressed me when I seen her at the VMAs. She was like, ‘We gotta do a record together,’” she said.



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