Home Celebrity News South African Celebs ‘I Respect Cassper for Apologizing to Me’− Emtee

‘I Respect Cassper for Apologizing to Me’− Emtee

Emtee has reacted to the apology issued to him by Cassper Nyovest over the weekend after the two met on a flight and made peace.

The rapper told Tshisa Live that while he was expecting an apology from the Family Tree, he respects him for coming forward.

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“I am glad that it happened like it did (on a flight together) because I was waiting for an apology and I wasn’t going to chase after it. We spoke about how I felt he had disrespected me by making jokes at my expense and he apologized. I respect him for that,” Emtee said.

“It wasn’t about what was said, it was who said it and why he said it then. I didn’t give a damn about what people were saying about me but when Cassper jumped on the bandwagon to bring up the issue again when it was just about dead was not cool. It hurt that it came from him, of all people,” he adds.



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