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“I Like To Love Make”-Sam Smith Talks About His Sex Life

Award-winning Singer, Sam Smith talked about his sexual life and deepest desires on The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Monday.

The singer chatted with hosts, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie Henderson about his sex life during a call to promote his upcoming Sydney Opera House show.

Kyle told Sam, he rang him to talk about Sam recently revealing he ‘wishes he could just click his fingers and orgasm’.

‘What have you done to try and achieve this lifelong dream?’ Kyle asked.

‘I take my time, I like to love make,’ Sam responded.

Kyle asked Sam if they were similar in regards to initiating sex, then deciding to ‘put in an effort’ or announce ‘sorry babe – you’re so sexy, I couldn’t help myself’.

‘That’s not making love is it, really? That’s being a selfish lover,’ he replied.

‘You have to be selfish every now and then, right?’ Kyle prodded him.

‘You have to be sometimes,’ Sam acknowledged.

During an interview with BuzzFeed UK, Sam said if he was granted three wishes one of them would be to ‘click your fingers and feel an orgasm, without any of the work’.

His remaining wishes were to be able to eat an excess amount of cheese without putting on weight and for his friends and family to live long, happy lives.



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