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How Kylie Jenner Stole Travis Scott From Her Best Friend Justine Skye (Video)

kylie and justine

Kylie Jenner has reportedly broken the girl code by taking her baby daddy Travis Scott from one of her best friends, Justine Skye.

Kylie and Justine have parted ways and the reason is that Justine is sore that Kylie began dating Travis who she had a thing for and was already dating.


In an interview last year, Justine was asked if she and Travis were an item and, in reply, she blushed and spoke about him in flowery terms but didn’t confirm their relationship.

Justine would reportedly brag to Kylie about how good Travis was to her. And within weeks, Kylie began dating him. This will not be the first time Kylie is accused of dating a man who is in a relationship with someone she knows. Her ex Tyga was engaged to Blac Chyna, who was friends with Kim at the time. But they broke up amid rumors that Tyga and Kylie were getting close and Tyga moved on to Kylie who was just 16 at the time. The issue caused friction between Kim Kardashian and her friend Blac Chyna because she had to take her sister’s side.

Below is the video of Justine Skye speaking about Travis Scott in an interview last year



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