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Khanyi Mbau On R95k Cosmetic Surgery – “It’s an Investment

TV presenter Khanyi Mbau who underwent various surgeries included liposuction, breasts reduction and work on he waist has admitted she underwent the cosmetic surgery procedures that cost her the sum of R95,000 describing it as an “investment”.

“It’s an investment. I always say that the body is something that you use for everything. So why not reward yourself for that? Why are we working hard then? As much as it is about securing a future for our children, one needs to reward themselves. So instead of buying expensive shoes, I’d much rather spend that money on my body because that is my greatest accessory,” she told Times Live.

“I’m a dream seller. I’m a billboard for a fantasy people look at. When you are a celebrity known for nice things, you need to keep that up. You’re like Father Christmas, there’ll never be a time where Father Christmas has lost weight or changes his suit to the colour purple and that’s the franchise,” she adds.



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