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Kevin Hart’s Sex Tape Partner Finds It ‘Distasteful’ That He’s Cashing In On The Cheating Scandal

26-year-old Montia Sabbag, who is at the center of the Kevin Hart sex tape scandal, is reportedly upset that the comedian is cashing in on their cheating scandal.

Kevin Hart is turning his sex tape scandal into a big joke that will ultimately make him richer, but his partner on the tape isn’t laughing as she isn’t cashing from it… TMZ reports.

In the new promo for Kevin’s upcoming “Irresponsible” comedy tour, he openly takes shots at himself for getting caught in bad situations, such as the Las Vegas hotel room sex tape with Montia Sabbag.

The Spot, which started airing this week, is a slap in Montia’s face. According to her attorney, Lisa Bloom. She says both she and Montia find Kevin using the scandal “very distasteful” because Montia’s enduring social media hacks, death threats and slut-shaming. Bloom says, “This stuff takes a toll mentally and physically, and now with this tour, it’s like this whole thing was a joke.”

She adds Montia will continue working with cops tracking down the extortionists.



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