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‘How Old Is She?’ Kris Jenner Interrogates Scott Disick About Dating Sofia Richie

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In a teaser for Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, Kris Jenner tries to get her daughter Kourtney’s ex, Scott Disick to open up about his relationship with the much younger model, 19.

The matriarch, 61, wasn’t afraid to put the father to three of her grandkids on the spot, asking the reality star point-blank: ‘Wait, so how old is [Sofia]?’

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In the clip, Kris jumps right into the topic of dating as she catches up with Scott. ‘So are you dating?’ the momager asked.

Sure’ Scott replied hesitantly.

That didn’t stop Jenner, who continued to poke for details.

‘Are you dating one person? Just one?’

It wasn’t a strange question, seeing as Disick was pictured making out with a revolving door of beauties after his split with Kourt at the start last year.

Scott’s answer only prompted more questions from Kris, who asked: ‘Wait, so how old is she?’ Because I really don’t know. Is she Kylie’s age? 20?’

After learning the model was only 19, the California native confirmed Scott’s age.

‘You’re 34? OK, so I was 17 and Robert was 12 years older,’ Kris remembered.

Cleverly, Scott spots a difference, telling Jenner: ‘You were underage, she’s not.’

Far from offended, Kris smiled and told her almost son-in-law ‘Touché!’



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