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Harvey Weinstein Estranged Wife To Get $12m If She Divorces Him Now, See How.

Harvey Weinstein estranged wife Georgina Chapman stands to walk away from their 10-year marriage with nearly $12 million, thanks to a solid prenuptial agreement.

TMZ reports that when Weinstein, 65, wed the fashion designer in 2007, their prenup reportedly stated that Chapman would get $400,000 for each year of marriage should they stay wed at least ten years.

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The docs also spell out her cut of their marital assets. For the first 5 years of marriage, Georgina gets $250k per year and for years 6 through 10 years, she gets $700k per year. That totals up to a lump sum payment of $4.75 million.

She also gets a housing allowance of $25k per month of marriage and spousal support of ten years which sums up to $4million.

The Marchesa co-founder, Chapman, 41, announced shortly after sexual misconduct allegations against Weinstein broke in October that she was leaving the producer, but their marriage officially hit the 10-year milestone last week.




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