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Former US President George H.W. Bush Apologises After Actress Heather Lind Claims He Sexually Assaulted Her

Former U.S President George H.W. Bush has apologized after Heather Lind claimed he ‘sexually assaulted’ her while he was in his wheelchair.

The 34-year-old actress, who starred in AMC’s series ‘Turn: Washington’s Spies’, made the allegations on Instagram in a lengthy post with accompanying photos. She said the assault took place in 2014 during a special screening of her show ‘Turn’ and his wife Barbara Bush and security guard were aware of it.

In a statement, the 93-year-old former president former President Bush Sr. apologized to Ms. Lind and said it wasn’t intentional.

“President Bush would never – under any circumstance – intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Ms. Lind,” his spokesman said.

Lind wrote that at the time of the alleged assault, Barbara Bush was by her husband’s side when it happened and she “rolled her eyes” at Bush, “as if to say ‘not again.'” She also said a security guard told her that she “shouldn’t have stood next to him for the photo.”



  1. This story really makes me sad and underscores why many women’s claims of inappropriate contact go ignored. Obviously, a 31 year old healthy female claiming sexual assault by a 91 year old wheelchair-bound man in the presence of multiple other people including his own wife is completely False. Come on Health Lind! It’s time for “Hollywood” to seriously back off of politics. The people have had enough. You might not like the Bush family, but this is clearly a false allegation and discredits others with true assaults.

  2. Is this really the best Lind can come up with for her #M eToo pity party? Weinstein raped women and this chick is complaining about some 91year-old geezer in a wheelchair playing grabass and calling it “sexual assault.” Pathetic.

  3. Err… not to be insensitive but… doesn’t this sound more like a “90+ year old man in wheelchair loses proper sense of social boundaries” rather than “powerful predatory man sexually assaults woman” situation? I mean… a lot of old people start losing their sense of personal space. It can be annoying, but usually we identify it as innocent effects of age, not sexual predatory behavior.

    I mean, unless there was a pattern of this behavior prior to becoming decrepit isn’t that the more reasonable explanation? I can imagine a sexual abuser staying so into his old age, but I can’t really imagine a decent man suddenly becoming one at age 93.

  4. I too am a victim of sexual assault by men and a few women beginning at an early age, and have never spoken out. One, I am male and two, I never felt victimized-just confused and horny. I believe women wear makeup to attract men and use that power to their own ends. A tempest in a teapot can be created for many reasons. Wear short skirts but don’t question the motives!

  5. Give me a break!!!! President Bush at his age probably has some palsy in his hand. He is also SITTING in a wheelchair, with his arm extended his arm can’t from the wheelchair reach her back! Maybe she should have enough sense to stoop down to his level as he sure as hell can’t stand, and she would have found he put his arm around her shoulder. Wishful thinking Ms Lind? Get a life, not “me too! Look at me, it’s all about ME!!” You should be ashamed of yourself!

  6. Another woman climbing on the “I was assaulted too” bandwagon. She smears the reputation of a well-respected 90+-year-old man in a wheelchair, just for her 15 minutes of fame. Makes me sick…..

    • I agree he only put his arm around her wasn’t playing grab ass with her e couldn’t reach her back she have bent down for President Bush and to wait 4 years to say anything give me a break money hungry

  7. This is the behavior that takes credibility away from real issues. A 93 year old gentleman that has no history of this behavior and his wife is present. This is an example of someone trying to get their time in the spotlight. Stop! As a female that worked in a male dominated industry you are taking away from the real issues.

  8. Don’t compare one behavior against the other. It’s ALL inappropriate. Just because one is committed by a more well respected person of greater age, and it’s considered a less flagrant act, less fear provoking & more public doesn’t make it acceptable. Maybe all of your callous, unsympathetic & inconsiderate verbal flogging is why she avoided saying anything for so long! It is wrong ANY time a person is subjected to inappropriate verbal or physical sexual behavior, no matter the extent! Your reactions are why men (and some women) grow bolder over time with this type of sexual abuse. Have you no sense???


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