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Eminem Is Back And He Brought Beyoncé! – Listen To Eminem And Beyoncé ‘Walk on Water’

“I walk on water, but I ain’t no Jesus,” rapper Eminem released a new song “Walk on Water,” featuring none other than Queen Beyonce.

Eminem shared the track on social media, with caption, “I’MMM BACK #WalkonWater #Revival @Beyonce #ShadyBack,” alongside an image of the single’s artwork: a black and white photo of a crowd, partially submerged by blue water.

The single is the latest release from Eminem’s upcoming album, titled Revival and was penned by Eminem, Beyoncé, and singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, and produced by Rick Rubin.

Eminem rapped about his inability to live up to the legacy of his idols; Nas, B.I.G., god, and comparing his own inner workings to the complexity of solving a Rubik’s cube, he ends the song by rhyming, “‘Cause I’m just a man but as long as I got a mic I’m godlike, so me and you are not alike.

“Walk on Water” is the first time Beyoncé and Eminem have collaborated, and hopefully it is also the last as many believe if not for Beyoncé’s vocals on the track, “Walk on Water” would be just another forgetful bid for relevance.





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