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Cristiano Ronaldo Accused Of Sending ‘Late Night Texts’ To Glamour Model Rhian Sugden (Photos)


British glamour model Rhian Sugden has accused Real Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, of sending ‘late night texts’ to her.

It was reported that the model, 31, became friends with the dad-of-four on the London party scene, and ever since then he has been barraging her with texts since leaving Manchester United in 2009, sources claimed.

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The Portuguese striker who is in a serious relationship with his Spanish girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, would allegedly send the lingerie star texts from his hotel asking her to ring him on Facebook messenger.

According to The Sun, the footballer texted Rhian: ‘I will call in one hour if you send a number be private number. Im at my hotel (sic).’

She allegedly replied: ‘I’m just about to pick my fella up from work and then we are going for drinks. I don’t think he’d approve of me talking to you at 11pm.’

Rhian, who is engaged to Oliver Mellor, 36, was reportedly left alone after her fiance sent Cristiano  a warning to back off.

‘Ronaldo bombards Rhian with messages periodically,’ a source told the paper.

‘They’re friendly enough, but sometimes turn a bit weird. She’s mentioned several times that she has a fiance, but he doesn’t seem to take notice.’

‘In the end, Oliver found out and sent Ronaldo a polite message asking him to back off. Since then Ronaldo has deleted the conversations.’

The insider also alleged that Rhian hasn’t heard a ‘peep’ out of the striker since and is ‘pleased’ with the silence.



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