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Burglar Breaks Into The Driveway Of Kim K & Kanye West’s LA Mansion

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles got hit today by a burglar who reportedly ransacked 3 of their luxury vehicles then stole an iPhone belonging to a staff.

The culprit escaped when security spotted him but was captured by surveillance camera. Hopefully, this doesn’t send Kim Kinto Panic mood after her horrible infamous experience with thieves in Paris in 2016.

In reports according to TMZ, law enforcement sources say the theft went down around 4 AM PT Friday at their Bel Air mansion. We’re told the suspect never entered the home but trashed the cars in the driveway. After all that … we’re told all he got was one iPhone, which belongs to one of Kim & Kanye’s staffers.

‘Security at the house spotted the guy and chased him off the property. We’re told investigators were given this image — from a surveillance system.

‘The guy didn’t stop with the Wests. We’re told he also hit their next door neighbor Kathy Griffin’s place. Again, he trashed a car in the driveway and this time got a purse. Guess he was disappointed …



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