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Blac Chyna’s Exes Rob Kardashian & Tyga Donate To Help Her Long Time Assistant Who Is In A Coma, With Medical Bills

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Blac Chyna ex boyfriends, Rob Kardashian and Tyga, has come to her rescue after the family of her longtime assistant, Patty, started a GoFundMe account.

Patty happens to be in a coma after suffering a medical emergency at Chyna’s salon, ‘Lashed cosmetics’, a GoFundMe account was opened to help pay her medical bills.

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After Patty’s family set up the GoFundMe account, Chyna’s baby Daddy, rapper Tyga, donated $5k under his real name, Michael Stevenson. While her 2nd baby daddy, Rob Kardashian donated $10k.

Patty, a mother of three who suffered a stroke in July of last year, also helped run Chyna’s clothing line. After the stroke she suffered, she continued to work — despite doctor’s orders — to support her family.

Patty went into a coma in December due to bleeding on the brain while reportedly at work. She was five months pregnant with her fourth child when she went into a coma, but doctors had to terminate the baby.




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